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(God so annoying, I wrote this whole post and then somehow it got deleted)
Yesterday at work we had this Health-expo-y thing, it was pretty good, they asked everyone to get into the spirit by dressing up in sports gear. They had stalls like Massages, nutrition, BMI (no calipers thank goodness) and cholesterol. Something I had done which was quite interesting was an Iridology examination. No I didn't have to turn and cough, or get in a chair, Iridology is the study of the iris of the eye (the coloured bit) and then they tell you what's wrong with your body. Each eye has different ramifications, and they use a chart like the one below.

I'm not sure I'm a convert, I spoke particularly to two other girs who had it done, and they were both extreme cases I think (one being Pregnant and one coming off a bout of pneumonia). They seemed to think it was pretty accurate. She only sort of told me things I already knew "Drink More water" "Eat more fruit and vegetables" "take better care of yourself " "Menstruate more often". Yep. That last one's a doozy. She detected problems in my fallopian tube/ovary/uterus area and asked if I ever had difficulty with my menstruation and seemed a little alarmed when I said "oh I only have a few a year, 3-4". She then proceeded to tell me that she thought I should stop skipping it. All this after I'd already told her my doctor had specifically told me that it was fine for me to do it so long as I still had a few a year. There was lots of talking about flushing which wasn't so pleasant. She did admit though that she oculd tell from my expression I wasn't going to do anything she told me. And I'm glad she can own up to that : ) Oh, the other really weird thing she told me was that she reckons my eyes are meant to be blue. I like that they're green though!

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