Hen's hilarity

Well tomorrow's my Hen's.
The theme-Pink and Black.
What are we doing? I have no idea. But I'm excited.
I hope it involves copious amounts of drinking, debauchery, and is it wrong to say scantily clad men (and women)? Hehehe. I think so yes actually.
But seriously. I am excited, at least I'm trying to be.
I'm having difficulty getting past all the other "stuff" going on.
Wedding stuff, and domestic stuff.
House stuff, and relationship stuff.
Not neccessarliy with Mark, but with every other person in my life.
Bridezilla anyone? I'm trying really hard not to be.
I may be failing though.
So I hope I wake tomorrow rested, washing done and raring to go.

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Chaeriste said...
October 16, 2006 4:30 AM

HI! You wrote me a while back about my own wedding on 4/30/06... was wondering how you were doing? You've only got a few weeks left. Anything you need, just holler. Cheers! Chae, 35yearoldbride

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