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I decided today to just take a hop around some other blogs. There is a button at the top (right?) corner that says Next Blog, and I don't know how it determines what is next {due to the fact that if you click Back and then Next again it will take you somewhere else entirely} but I've stumbled across some very interesting blogs. One was a lady discussing her battle with Breast Cancer being that it's BC Awareness month for October.
Of which on that topic, I heard that there were Pink Tim Tams available at supermarkets for BC and that they were Strawberry flavoured and I am happy to confirm that this is true! Whee! They are quite yummy and I bought an extra packet so that when Eca gets home (34.5 Hours-Actually she might be on the plane now!) she can try them!!!
But moving on, one blog I stumbled upon appeared to be some sort of real or imagined dialogue with an ex or current girlfriend of a guy in Singapore. I thought I'd drop him a line to let him know that just anyone could actually read his private feelings and rants, which may be his intention, but I caught something about this girl being the only one who knew what was written on the blog or something. Of which, would also be risky, as a blog address can so easily be forwarded (case in point Billylou- that weirdo-blog/teenybopper-worship page that Shaneo was writing. weirdo! *Ahem*cough* what was I saying....
Actually in this strange saga, I has discovered that the female part of this relationship also has a blog, which I may or may not click on.......damn, I clicked and there was no blog. I feel drawn into these peoples turmoil. I think I'll move on....

I also found a blog written by a Texas Priest who had lots to say about how Sin is denigrating our society. He waxed on a bit about how he can't be holy enough and how Sin affects those around us. It was interesting, but I don't think I could read a whole blog on it. It does show however how advanced our age is that our religious figures face difficulty and struggle with their lives and feel the need to blog and share it with others. I don't know who his intended audience is, certainly not little ole me in Sydney. But it's food for thought. There's actually a startling amount of religious blogs out there.

Heheheh and Billylou might be amused to hear I found a whole blog about NeoPets!

And lastly, I found a really interesting blog written by an Indian American guy by the looks of it, all political and thought provoking. I really should pay more attention to the greater world.

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bluesman said...
October 05, 2006 12:21 AM

Hello stranger :)

Thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods. "All political and thought provoking" ahem ahem, looks like I have lots to live upto :)

I loved the pic of the most popular guy in prison hahaha.

I'll try stopping by often to see whats going on in your side of the world


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