Our idol fug conversation

becuase I thought it was amusing that some guy got paid by Tv Week to blog his blow by blow thoughts on the Finale, I give you, the text conversation between Re and I during the finale.

(RE) 8.50 Idol Fug! the little girl is wearing some lovely diamonds, black dress and purple footless tights! WHY!

(Me) 8.52 I Know! we said the same thing!

8.54 haha a day of fug

8.56 but...but...*splutters* she has a stylist!

8.58 fuck do you see that polka dot thing!

8.59 Are those stonewash jeans?

9.03 eh gad(sic) this isn't going to be pretty

9.04 Denim dress! Sleeveless man shirt!

9.15 I had to get rid of it. Andrew looks awful in that shiny suit thing

9.17 She almost matches!

9.19 haha well why not

9.22 wonder if she has another costume change in break.

9.22 probably she's only had two so far lol

9.23 who has your vote?

9.23 the boy i think, gotta love an accent!

9.25 Yeah baby. Are those studs on the back of that jacket?

9.26 he got your vote? oh jesus i hope not turn around love haha

9.31 It may have even been lacing, and i love em both!

9.54 surely that isn't the end of the fug?

10.02 haha i gave up watching. tell me who wins lol

10.03 Tights under purple hot pants!

10.05 oh i see! no that's terrible. see another costume change. they will be too tired to sing.

10.06 And she'll change again now. So Shiny.

10.13 pancake boobs

(this after announcement made) 10.14 a disgrace to mammories everywhere! go damo! god speak english buddy lol

10.16 Haha Say Anything!

10.16 eh ah eh too be sure to be sure

10.20 Alicia is predicting Emo idol.

10.23 do

10.25 God kill me

10.24 lol that was supposed to be ew... fuckin emos haha

Close out....

1 kindred spirits ~ This bugs them too!:

Re said...
November 29, 2006 12:27 PM

HAHAHAHA 100 % pure us.. classic, we are funny bitches

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