Wedding bits n pieces.

I need to qualify that now don't I? I post about so much miscellaneous (hehe sp?) things we need to sort the chaff from the ......(other bit of the wheat?)
Moving on-
We're getting closer on the Stationery front. We've selected the colours from the printer *clapping hands* and the graphic designer [where's Erica when you really need her-England! LOL] has played with our designs and made them workable for them. At the moment I feel like we really need to focus on the Invitations, then I can worry about the rest. I swore I wouldn't be Mark's cousin and send them all last minute but now I worry we'll be addressing madly the day before! Lol.
So 100 days to go today and having mini-freakouts. Trying not to stretch my neck and shoulders in that "nervous tic" way of mine.....*chewing lip*
We may be one step closer to centrepieces. Got a picture from a company that fits what we were looking at doing.(just need a decision)
The other night we met with the priest to talk Ceremony (woo) and such. Mark was sick as a dog the poor love and couldn't even eat his favorite dinner (chicken schnitzels). He's got the flu. Worked out our readings and stuff.
Saturday we're going to Surry Hills to the fabric shop to buy the fabric for the bridesmaids dresses and for my dress *yay*. Izzy should be back in action this week so hopefully we power along with that and it'll be sweet!
Ummm, aside from that....there's a lot in the pipes....I'm going to Chatty tonight to check out a pair of shoes that fit the concept for my wedding shoes...good ole Myer!
Oh and we're going on Saturday next week to choose and fit the boys suits! That'll be fun, I'm looking forward to it actually. Unfortunately one of the boys will be down the snow so he'll go after we've been and we've decided on style and he'll just be fitted.
Umm And I think that's all for now.....

2 kindred spirits ~ This bugs them too!:

Re said...
July 30, 2006 5:24 PM

Excellent, sounds like it's all coming together nicely - has Mark decided on all his henchmen ... eerr groomsmen yet?

Dataceptionist said...
July 31, 2006 8:44 AM

LOL, yes, they're all locked in.

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