So Cute Pt 2!

Today we ordered our bomboniere boxes! Woo!
I'm trying to have a big-organise it all day. Get things happening! woo. I do say Woo a lot don't I?
*I do sell a lot of wank don't I*
Cmon ppl where's it from? where's it from? hehehe
*cough*cough* umm, where were we?
Ahh yes cute bomboniere boxes. We're going off to speak to Isobel next week, get the girls measured. Woo. *amendment-in my brain spasticity, I have re-read that after posting, and seen that I had lumped Isobel in right after the bomboniere boxes and made it seem as though she had some hand in them, when in fact she is the dressmaker and I'm referring to Bridemaids matters there. Hehehe*
I'm sure I have more to say....

Good Luck to Riona of Godawful Wedding crap, who weds the Tall Fella on Saturday. : )

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Riona said...
June 23, 2006 6:16 PM

awwww! thank you so much for the wishes! and good luck with the boxes!!!

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