WOO HOO!!!! Gown giddiness

Some people are so lovely! Weeks ago now, we found the dress. Tried it on, loved it, decided that's the way we were going. Been trying to organise to get Isobel the dressmaker to get over to the shop to see it. In the meantime though, due to the wedding dress complexity of construction in general I wanted a picture I could give Isobel. The shop would not tell me who designed it so I couldn't search for it and the name of the style couldn't throw anything up on the search engines so I was almost at the end of my wits trying to figure out how I'd get a picture.
So I decided to post a discussion topic on the matter on a bridal site called The Bride's Diary (which is very addictive I can tell you) to all the Brisbane girls as the shop told me it was by a Brisbane Based designer.
The girls were very helpful, and one even rang the shop from Brissy to pretend she wanted to look at it in Brisbane for a stockist. Then someone found it!! It turns out this girl has ordered the same dress from a shop in the City called Elizabeth de Varga and it's by them! So yay!
Now unfortunately I can't post a picture of my beautiful dress here as Mark might see it then, and I don't want to show everyone cos it's meant to be a surprise too.
But if you're desperate, leave a comment and I'll email you the website. : )
I'm so happy though!!!! Not even my splitting headache that woke me up at 2.30 this morning can detract from my excitement. Although it's trying.
*jumps in the air with a little arm wiggle and clicking heels together*
Actually Scrap that as imagining me doing that makes me look a little spastic. Hehehe

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Riona said...
June 17, 2006 3:58 AM

I'd love to see it!
Here's mine (the Tall Fella reads my blog but I doubt he'd track me down here ...)

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