Wedding cars

I hate wedding transport. I'm so over it. Seriously, the range out there is immense, they're all really expensive and what do you really get on the day? A set of wheels and no one having to worry how many drinks they've had. Gah. Really I think all you're paying for is not having to think about any of it. The car arrives, it takes you to your man, and then it's all "la la la la la". But shopping for the right company to use it so tedious and exhausting. Bahhhh. But worrying about how to do it without these companies is just as big a headache. Which is why i've been putting it off so much..... Until now. less than 10 weeks to go now and I need to make it happen. That's if anyone will have us now. Grr. Why didn't I do it earlier? because the prices made me want to gnaw off my own arm. with my gums. for hours at a time.
Champers anyone?

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