How people got to me! ~VII

Hehee, when I check to see who's on this very minute, it's someone from a Government Domain in Burwood, and someone from a Telstra domain in Wodonga VIC!! LOL.

Do you know that Blogger is introducing new features that will eventually allow me to post my entries into categories! So I could have a "how people got to me....." category! and A wedding category, and an "other" category, which Zogg Jones helpfully pointed out to me, would be the section he would read, without fighting through all the wedding business! LOL

  • Ooh.... someone looking up Elizabeth De Varga Stockists on Google.... {Shhh, this is who is making my dress that we're copying}
  • Hehehe, a Blogger search for Krispy Kreme! Which brought up-wait for it~ 47,234 hits! I'm somewhere in there.....
  • A referral from my good friend Zogg's blog, Oddlight. He's a wacky guy.
  • *sucks in breath* ooh a Blogger Search for Anorexics Unite. I hope they were trying to find me....
  • LOL! We're big on the Blogger searches today!! Search for "Busta Rhymes/ Janet Jackson- What's it gonna be?!" which brought them to My post on the Most Expensive Videos! I still haven't heard this song yet...

And that's it for this week!

I would like to point out again though, that there are always lots of "Unknown" entries. So you frequent visitors may be on a different reporting section, and don't think you aren't noticed!!!! (and loved)

And Btw-our Burwood Visitor, 29 minutes later, is still reading my page! Heehee!!! Hello to you!!!

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