It's ok-The wedding IS STILL ON

It's been a bleak blog free few days hasn't it? I've been sick since my last post, yesterday being the last of a string of days where I didn't feel like I was getting better. But thankfully I'm on the mend.
-----Amended-this post started on Monday-it's now Friday. Sorry, been very busy-----

But now we're back on track. So many things to update on! I know it's been a while, and everything is still on! There's been heaps happening actually.

  • Boys suits! The boys went to the suit hire place and two of four GM and our Groom all got fitted for their suits. They looked so spiffy! *tear* And Mark did a complete about face and went for the full fit out, when we'd been talking about open collar shirts and no waistcoasts! Now we have both. We're going with a black wc for the GM and purple ties in the same silk as the BM's. The Groom will have tie, hanky, and wc all in the same fabric as my dress to match. : ) And HAH has kindly offered to make these all for us, which is brilliant as it will save us a bit.
  • Went house hunting same day as the suits. Tedious and depressing. Wish we could just find the house for us : (
  • Bridemaid's dresses! Lot happened on this front. We bought the silk in the purple and the black for them all. Isobel made up toiles (calico's) for all girls and invited them to come be fitted. Beeberino and Re got fitted and that was cool. We talked lots of dress : ) Got it all figured out now we think. So that was Tuesday and then Izzy was keen to get some lining so she popped into Town and bought it so she could cut the silk and lining at the same time. So now she's got Beeb and Re all cut out! So this weekend we'll fix them up for proper fittings in their dresses. Whee!!! It's all very exciting at the moment! Apologies for photo quality also, it's taken with my phone as I forgot to take my proper camera : )
  • My dress! Movement on this front too, we went into the city and bought the fabric for my dress yesterday : ) No pics because of Mr Groom. But it was cool and I really feel like we're moving now.
  • Invites and Stationery. Things rocketing along on this front too! We've decided on style and design and Mr Groom's cousin's husband is a printer and he's being absolutely wonderful by printing up all our bits and bobs. I'm really excited about the invites actually, I can't wait til we've got them all ready *Clapping hands together gleefully*
  • Gift Registry- We started our Bridal Registry at Myer at Warringah Mall over the weekend and it was also, very tedious. Amazingly so really. I'm sure it's meant to be fun, but we didn't find it fun. They didn't have a lot of stock, because of their History Making Clearance, they were just that-clear. So the range wasn't fab. We went through for about three hours and then it had worn us down so much we called it a day. We wandered into David Jones after Myer actually and were hit with such choice! They had SO much stock in comparison to Myer it was almost Laughable. So now we're thinking of changing to DJ's, purely for the choice. Eca-Myer had no "fun" things! No Home Decorator style section!! Just function. : ( (have just tried unsuccessfully to upload a picture of a gift but it didn't work so you'll have to just imagine it.)

I think that's all for the mo.

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