How Embarrassment!!! With a Dolly Magazine "Egg on your face" rating of 4/5...

Yesterday went down in my personal Memiors as most embarrassing moment in my life to date. I was wearing a lovely cream coloured skirt, double layered with a pretty hanky hem effect. And as you do, I decided to duck into the loo before I went home for the day. So i did my business, no dramas there. Then I had to go into my Boss (HR Mgr) to update her on the situation with something that was broken. So I walked from the toilets in Reception, through Reception into Accounts and into Payroll, told her, then turned and left after saying goodbye for the day.
I then proceeded to walk past one of the Accountants, the Chief Financial Officer, and two Business Managers, one of whom was kind enough to point out that I had my skirt tucked into my UNDERPANTS!
So as you can imagine, absolute mortification ensues, along with the intense desire to share my mortification with others!

As it stands, the helpful Gent who pointed it out I have yet to see this morning. Thank god. Maybe he's out on site all day..........

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billylou said...
February 10, 2006 10:43 AM

Hahaha oh man, that is the worst!! All that was needed for a 5/5 was "and my crush saw the whole thing!"

And feel your pain with the actual work thing. I mean, how rude! Who has the energy to work all day five whole days a week?? Only freaks.

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