Actual work!

In a Blog created because of sheer boredom and a lack of things to do, I have been absolutely flat out this week. I cannot believe how busy. So busy I did not even get a chance to email my sweetie pie yesterday at all. He rang me thinking I hated him, having had no correspondence.
And the thing I find about this "actual work to do" business, is that come 3.30, I crashed out. I was so tired and weary all of a sudden, I was completely unproductive after that. I say that, and it reminds me that my sweetie was at work for a total of 12 hours yesterday, and I crashed after what 6 hours of actual work. I feel his pain : (

So this Actual work they've given me, is completely time consuming and mentally unchallenging. You could seriously have a 12 year old do it. And even they'd get bored.
Essentially what I'm doing is deleting people from the payroll website and there were 2900 to delete when I started. What makes it time consuming is that I log into the website (which times out after 7 inactive mins so If I have to do anything else to interrupt it it logs me out), then click on a link on the left, then click on another link, then it only displays 10 names at a time on each page so I have to change pages, then click a name, then type a 4 letter random code (can't cut and paste), then click delete, then it takes me right back to the second page after login and I have to start all over again! And we're a business obviously so our internet connection isn't slow, but the site is, so each page change takes ages.
You know its bad when you're excited about doubling your productivity by realising you can press back twice and cut out half the link clicking. lame.

SO I started this task a week ago and I've done 500 names abouts. I think. I hope!

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