Bloody Couriers Part 2

After leaving work for the day (and yes I did go and have a glass of wine, I did not pass go, I did not bend over to collect $200 Hahaha) I didn't think much of the parcel that was still awaiting collection by AAE. I thought to myself "No no, the lovely girl on the phone assured me that the courier would be by this evening by COB to collect the package" So I went off to my Reisling. Yay.

Or so I thought.
This morning I walked in, and the package is still there! So as you can imagine, I was somewhat upset. So I rang AAE and got the stupid pre-recorded phone message they do every few days to soothe the irate patrons who haven't recieved packages so their phone operators don't have to talk to anyone. They record it whenever they have service interruptions and they get flooded with calls. "Today is Friday the 17th of February. Due to unavoidable mechanical difficulties deliveries out of Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney are behind. We appreciate your patience and understand that your time is valuable" (ie, don't come on the line and tell me time is money, I already know you're a very important person.)
So I finally get to talk to a girl called Erin (I noted it down) and she takes the details of my greivance and puts me on hold. At least, I thought she did. You see I was talking to her, and she was talking back, and then suddenly there's silence. I didn't get an prerecorded product pushing or customer soothing. There was just dead air. I "listened" for 10 mins or so before saying to SJ, I don't know if I'm actually on hold.
So I hung up and rang back (same stupid message about mechanical difficulties) and told someone I wasn't sure if Erin was still helping me.
Erin came back on the line and told me there was no record of it having been re-booked yesterday so all they could do was book it in for Today which would get it there Monday.
I was like " No no no no no, you guys made the mistake, your driver didn't pick up for three days-I'm not having the client wait even longer!"
She comes back on the line and says her supervisor has said this is all we can do.
So I told her that I wasn't happy with that outcome.
She goes away again and surprise surprise when she comes back she says she'll book it on a Next Flight at no extra charge.

Thank you!
I was chuffed cos I didn't even yell at her. Just spoke through gritted teeth. Woo.

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