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This morning I recieved bizarr-o phone call from WM. He proceeds to tell me he'll be onsite for the next week. We already had his mobile number so I didn't need anymore information. I asked if he needed to speak to another member of his team, he said no and then we rang off. The tone is hard to convey, but it was all weird. A typical WM tone though.

Minutes later I recieve this


Just clearing up a bit of confusion, I know a few of the girls think that ***** is the manager, however, in reality.(sic) We all report into **-**. As of about 3 weeks ago I went permanent and was given full responibility for marketing of ### products
for (company). ****** I report into twice each week.

**** has been told that he will be the business manager and we are settling this in now...........

.......***** just sends out promotional material supplied by ###.

If anyone is inquiring about ### please direct them to either ***** or myself as ***** doesn't know the products or the solutions.

Take care,


This pure fiction being passed as fact; the two other people in his team actually being the Joint Partner Account Managers and he being a lowly telephony assistant. Hilarious that he should over extend his station so spectacularly.

So I naturally passed this email to the individual in question, referred to as not knowing the products or solutions, and he and his partner had a great old laugh about it. He then spoke to his manager (and he has a laugh) and they're going to have a meeting all about it when WM returns to the office. So funny but. Mainly because he put himself in this position!

Oh the hilarity.

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