the drought is broken

Hahahahaha, incredulous doens't even begin to describe my feelings as he spoke. Just when I thought WM had finished with his inherent weirdness, he goes and brings me Blog gold. I had to take notes as soon as he turned his back so I didn't forget any!

He walks into Reception and it all seems normal, when suddenly he wheels around, and says to me

" Check out my profile on RSVP. Murray Widebottom (his profile name). I've had so many women respond! Business Women in Management! They can't get enough......"

So the whole exchange takes less than 30 seconds probably, and I was absolutely dumbfounded! Couldn't believe it! The sheer audacity of this bloke to think that I care or that I believe him!

A thought has just occured to me. Maybe he isn't really crazy. Maybe its all an elaborate ruse to keep him entertained.......


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