Check it out people, Uh huh, posting on a Saturday. Yeh, getitindaya!

Mark's gone off to work this morning, poor baby. I have a big morning planned of having my haircut. But, the exciting thing is that this afternoon we plan to visit Balloons Balloons to investigate stationery ideas. This one's a fun one.

Tomorrow we plan to have a serious decision made about wedding bands. I really want to get these things out of the way so they're done. Hmm well thats a bit of a truism isn't it?

Anywho, check out Lou's blog, she's updated (I know-Shock) and its funny. She manages to be witty and clever, while I gave up all pretense of actually attempting either of those things many many posts ago.

Btw-for those trying to comment (mum), click on the little comment's bit at the end of this post and it should be relatively easy from there. Otherwise I'll just show you when I'm there next.

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