Dear god save me from this evil

Louise has just kindly forward me this drivel
>>Hi Everyone,
If you havent realised, its 5 years since high school. And obviously lots has happened since then.We were hoping to organise a reunion of sorts and we need to get in contact with as many people as possible. If you are interested can you please reply to, and could you please forward this email on.We havent set a date as yet, but are aiming for August.
>>Krystal, Gemma and Melanie
Now I know its being harsh, but oh dear god the infinite pain I would be subjected to if I went. Especially seeing as it's being organised by these girls. I mean kill me with a spoon, please. And when I thought about who I could forward this ghastly email to, I knew I only speak to approximately three people from High School and surprise surprise, Lou is one of them! Hahaha. I mean can't you just imagine how they're talking when they were writing it! I actually think 5 year reunions are a bit silly. 10 years makes a lot more sense to me. I like the thought of organising it, but that would require interest in the actual proceedings.

Btw-notice this email is resplendent with Spelling errors.Gah

And Lou linked this article

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