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Saturday night we had a small informal gathering at home. Robbie and Todd came over and Alicia and Lou rounded out the evening well. Unfortunately, in true Yvonne style I passed out (quietly) as soon as everyone left. It was all too much. So yeh, that was bad.

Friday night we had dinner at a place called Ceruti's in Manly with friends from Bovis on Mark's old team. The company was excellent but I was a bit disappointed with the food. It was Italian, and even with Entertainment Cards, Mark and I didn't think the price was terribly good. Food was merely ok, not stellar. But the waiter had the most divine think Italian accent, which went a little way to making up for it.

We've come a little closer to making the invitations for the wedding also. We took ourselves to Balloons Balloons successfully and have got a concept and some paper colours we really like. Now we've got to cost it all out, including Order of Service and Thank you cards.
And while we were there I got all inspired for bombonierre again, cos I really liked some of the things they'd done : )

We've hit a snag with rings though which we went on Sunday morning to do. I had hoped we could make some concrete decisions, but myself particularly, I'm even more lost now. I thought I wanted a narrow band, just plain. And now I'm thinking of something like 3-3.5mm wide instead. it's a difference. Hmmmm
We're kinda thinking of maybe having matching bands thought, which would be nice I think. All white of course. But, hmmm.

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