We're still getting married!

Hello all
This weekend just past Mark and I attended Engaged Encounter, a marriage preparation course (we got a certificate and all!). I was a little nervous about attending, although I was looking forward to it. I was nervous as the priest that referred us onto it told us that it was very intense and sometimes couples decide not to get married after all at the end of it!! So I was concerned we'd fall into that basket, but as it was it was fantastic and we're still gettting married and more in love than ever (I know, spew). I'm very much looking forward to our marriage. I think thats something that was good about the weekend is that its focused on your marriage, not just your wedding day. Its hard to keep focused on the fact that you're going to be married, not just that you're getting married. But yeh, we found it very inspiring and I feel very confident now about it all. Not that I was particularly feeling unconfident. I'm just more so now. : ) we're getting married....we're getting married.....

But yeh. So Pixie has moved in now. Who's Pixie I hear some of you ask? Pixie is Lou's cat and I tell you its somewhat bizarre having a live creature in the house that's not human, or Lolly. Hehehe. But I think she's lovely looking, even if Mark isn't terribly into her.

Alicia came into work today for an interview with my company. She's applied for a position as a Junior Receptionist, which means she'd be working directly with me. i'm trying to to hope too much for her to gt the position as then I'll be disappointed if she's unsuccessful. : ( It'd be nice though, then I'd be surrounded by Bridesmaids! Hehehe. But seriously, I'd finally get to see more of her!! And Alicia, we want to meet Chris!!!!

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billylou said...
May 01, 2006 3:45 PM

Yay! Pixi is famous!

Mark will come around. Who couldn't love a black furry thing that goes 'Mowr', sniffs stuff and sleeps on your face?

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