Well that got royally screwed up didn't it?

I have just looked back over my entries and seen some of the "days to go" calculations were incorrect (around the 185 mark) so I had to go back and re edit all the entries that were wrong. Lame. In other news, it's only 26 weeks away!!!

In other news, we continue the mission for purple Dupion Silk at a fraction of the price. Reanan has been braving the lunchtime Spottie crowd for me. Being the faithful bridesmaid she is, she hid the bolt under all the others when she was not sure it was 100% correct!!

Thanks for the Bill $$ too Eca. : )

I found a great website yesterday and spent hours looking through it all. The Optical Illusion site the pic in one of the previous posts came from. Well worth a browse if killing time.

0 kindred spirits ~ This bugs them too!:

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