Chairs and Chocolate

Having a horrible day. Gahhh. Wondered what it would take for me to finally reach the point in this job of saying-I hate my job.
You know what it took?
Having to move like 20 office chairs, that have bung wheels like shopping trolleys, that can't be trusted to actually roll in the direction they're meant to. Do you appreciate how disheartening it is to look at a buildup of chairs and know that you can only take two at a time because that's all you can physically manage!! And you roll them but they want to go in different directions so you're straining your arms to keep them pointed forwards all of which gives you muscle strain! Gahhhh!!!

In other matters, have you ever noticed how even though Cadbury Easter chocolate is theoretically the same as normal Cadbury's, it tastes different?

2 kindred spirits ~ This bugs them too!:

Re said...
May 09, 2006 7:35 PM

Yes work sucks...

Isn't it horrid how you need one to further your personal economy??

*huff* want to win lotto

Dataceptionist said...
May 10, 2006 8:42 AM

Yes! I'm glad others harbour this same desire....

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