more tennis bizarrity

Is that a word? Bizzarity? Hahaha.
On point- the continuation of the tennis farcity, today I was upstairs when I was motioned over to someone's desk, who then proceeded to show me an email about a Tennis Round Robin they are starting on that level. The last line on the email recieved by Jim was the company director I referred to yesterday saying "oh no I can't play that day, but (me) would love to sub for me" (!) And I'm like OMG, nice of someone to tell me!!
Seriously funny, especially when Jim told me when they're playing and I can't even make it!! Hahaha

In other news, the apartment is being inspected tomorrow so Lou has hidden her Kitty Litter box (for the cat which hasn't arrived yet) underneath some boxes and such like. *fingers crossed*

And BTW-

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