This is us Parasailing. I know its hard to tell thats its us, my hair's up and Sweet Fiancee isn;t wearing a shirt, so we do look slightly different to normal. We went last weekend and I did have not-inconsiderable-size freak out and panic while we were sitting in the boat waiting, but once actually in the air it was lovely. I did feel secure, and not at all like being on a Thredbo Chairlift about to fall to my doom. It was a gorgeous day for it as you can see, this was about quarter past 4 in the afternoon on a Saturday. And that view is looking back at the heads in Manly. I was quite surprised I enjoyed myself as much as I did, but yay!! So thank you very much to Mr Sweet Fiancee's Mum and Dad, as it was a lovely birthday present from last year. But I have said to Sweet Fiancee to never give me something like a Bridge climb or Sky Diving as it would simply be a waste of money.

***Interestingly, the guy in the boat said, after we'd come down, that after 30 ft you lose your depth perception for differing heights and you'll apparently be just as scared at 30 ft as you are at 100 ft! I don't know if I agree with that though as I'm sure I'd be more scared at 30, 000 ft than I am at 40 ft!***

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billylou said...
March 14, 2006 5:13 PM

Dude that Thredbo chairlift was, like, totally safe. Apart from the plummeting drop, the lack of safety bar and the perilous rocks. I mean, the chances of you falling to your doom were only around 50%. Don't know what you're complaining about ;)

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