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Well its officially been two weeks since we took the preliminary steps to spend more money on one event than seems humanly possible.

I have become incredibly well read on the status of weddings in Oz, the US and Canada, and now know stacks, and yet seemingly, not enough at the same time!

We have placed tentative bookings at both the church and reception venue, I have possible decided on a colour theme and sourced some very cheap Chair Covers to suit said theme. I have created and posted over 140 engagement party invites to more than 200 people and hope to have all of them to celebrate with us. We now face the difficulty (more difficult in HtB's case) of cutting this list down to something manageable for the actual wedding.

And regarding the engagement party, I am faced with all these questions of "what do you want?" The whole concept seeming so bizarre to me! I mean when I think of the party I think of having all our important friends and family there, celebrating with us and wishing us well. As corny as that sounds I know. The last thing I think is that people will bring gifts! Bizarr-o/ So the answer really is I don't know! Because it's true!

beyond that....I'm not feeling as hopelessly overwhelmed as I was for a short few days there, more excitement again and wanting to iron out all the details now-today! Hahaha.

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