Drunken Santa's????

As an addendum to this post, an account of Festive hilarity from our foreign correspondent. (hehehe thanks Loulou, and since I didn't clear this with you just let me know if you want me to take it down)

* After getting over the weirdness of being in da hood with all my homeboy buddies, I have come to appreciate Brooklyn. There is an area known as 'Dumbo', which is as Matthew describes "like the Rocks except grittier". It is under the Brooklyn bridge, and at night it is quite lovely.

We went for a walk and kept coming across all these drunk people wandering around in Santa Claus outfits. It was a bit surreal - this army of inebriated Santas drifting through the night - and we eventually stumbled across the source of them - a raging bar packed with Santas all having a merry old time indeed.

Feeling underdressed, we left that bar and went over to a smaller one with a live jazz band. We were finishing our first drinks when a Santa came in - a hot black chick who insisted on buying us drinks, before getting involved in some of the naughtiest booty shaking I've ever seen, from Santa Claus at least! We made friends with Santa, and I even danced with her three wines later, yes booty shaking - it was fairly hilarious.

The locals say there is a great Blues band on Wednesday night, so we're heading back there tomorrow for more adventures with the "scary black people" (as one of the dudes who was talking to us dubbed himself).

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