2 down 60+ to go

Our two year wedding anniversary was yesterday. Hasn't time flown! Being Melbourne Cup Day, we initially planned to go to dinner the night before, but circumstances dictated that we ended up going to dinner on the day instead.
I didn't think we were doing a gift exchange, I'm not sure why, its not like we talked about it. But M did get me something.

Picture the most romantic gift you could recieve.

Now picture something you actually really want.

They don't really match up do they? Perhaps your romantic gifts include flowers, chocolates, even diamonds.

Then you might ACTUALLY want a new stereo, a new knife block, a Mario Kart Wii........

YES! I Got Mario Kart Wii & 2 little steering Wheels!


Love you darling :)

(Anyone got an awesome {late} gift idea for me to get M?)

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Network Geek said...
November 08, 2008 9:48 AM

Sex. Lots and lots of sex any which way he prefers. Really, it's a gift to both of you, but, still...

Anonymous said...
November 10, 2008 7:37 AM

That is so sweet. Congrats on ur 2 yr wedding anni!! Hmmmm... well u may have found this gift by now... But if not you could get... ummm... well he got you a Wii so you could get him an.. i-Phone? lol ... i donno depends how much u wanna spend I guess but I would love an i-phone personally!

Dataceptionist said...
November 10, 2008 2:10 PM

@ NG
~Hahahahaha M is singing your praises as we speak.

@ thepomegranateblog
~ Thanks! I haven't really, but not sure if he actually wants anything.
Probably not an i-phone, I think I want one more than him!

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