I am spending an unholy amount of my time at work reading this webcomic I found through Sadistic Manager. (of which SM, I don't know whether to tip my hat to you or beat you over the head with a blunt instrument) 
After reading through the several most recent, I went right back to the beginning of the strip and started from the beginning. Unlike Cyanide and Happiness, a comic which I also read every day, it has story and character development. 
Gosh but its time consuming. Even reading 100's of strips a day I don't think I'm making any headway. I think I may only be in 2005....
I'm quite scared to go back and check how many he's up to, cos I've been reading for days and I'm up to 600.
So thats me for now. Comic-y goodness.

If you would also like to read - check out Marten, Dora and Faye @ Questionable Content

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