Killing for Pleasure; the definitive story of the Snowtown Serial Murders - Debi Marshall ***/*

"Keep your friends close.
Keep your enemies closer.
A simple philosophy that John Bunting-the sadistic mastermind behind Australia's worst serial killings-used to fool everyone, from his lovers and friends to his victims and police.

Five years in the research, investigative journalist Debi Marshall takes you deep inside thew sinister world of the killers and the veil of secrecy that shrouds Adelaide society. A stark account of the story that would come to be known as the "bodies -in-barrels" murders, Killing for Pleasure presents material never before seen-a harrowing interview with Buntings' last lover and her son, key eye witness Jamie Vlassakis, Marshall's conclusions will haunt you long after you turn the last page. In a subculture where abuse and revenge intertwine, John Bunting and his accomplices were indeed, Killing for Pleasure.

Twelve bodies, three killers, one accomplice and a maniacal murder spree that went undetected for seven years, Killing for Pleasure examines the systematic abuse endured by both victims and killers. It is a chilling tapestry of torture, dismemberment, ritual fantasy and cannibalism, a no-holds barred investigation that asks : Why? And why Adelaide, South Australia once admired as the City of Churches, now known as the City of Corpses? Is twelve the final body count?"

Hmm Creepy. Good, but a bit of a slog if you're not into it, I was into it and it still took me a week. A very interesting look into the fabric of lower class Australia, that I think middle class Oz pretends doesn't exist. That's the feeling I get anyway. Lots of child abuse and paedophilia assosciated with the killers (as young victims) and their victims (at the hands of others). It is almost a way of life in their class. Hmm....

**btw-photo pages in the middle**

3.5 / 5

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