Oh Dear...

I'm sorry I've been so lax!!!!
I blame it entirely on falling ill. I got sick a few weeks ago and it knocked me for six a bit. Couldn't muster much enthusiasm for anything really.
So I'm so sorry its taken me so long to post, and I apologise again for not having anything completely riveting to say!

-soon to follow though
- billylou is published! With her permission i will post her wonderful poem that she performed at the Riverside Theatre at Parramatta. :)
- a pic of my cool pink hair
- a pic of Ryder's christening.
Sorry again :)

1 kindred spirits ~ This bugs them too!:

Anonymous said...
June 18, 2007 5:10 PM

Hey! It's Lou.

I was just about to have a go at you for not updating lol.

And don't post that poem, I'm so over it. I'll give you a better one I'm currently working on :)

Also my chapter is officially being published in that young sexy writers book thing in November. (I added the 'sexy' part). I have to sign a contract and all!

Also I'm getting a personal webpage up and running soon - watch this space...

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