The Poo (NO not THAT Poo!!)

Now stop me if you've heard of this already, oh wait, you can't. Read on then!!

"Our own" Poo (Mark Phillippoussis for those of you playing at home) has somehow gotten himself caught up in a terrible The-Bachelor-Type of reality dating show in the US. You know the ones, hot eligible bachelor lives with 14 nymphs in a luxurious mansion and the female endeavour to win him over whilst scratching the eyes out of every other female contestant. Bachelor picks one, they give it a go for a few weeks before "discovering" that meeting in a fabulous mansion is not a healthy basis for the beginning of a relationship.
I mean how did we go from this

To this?

He looks like a doofus here and what is happening with his right eye? "Eh-baby-wanna-ride-in-my-WRX-ayyyyy????? He looks slightly better in what appears to be the actual promo shot at the show's homepage on NBC.

Somehow he has ended up looking a bit glassy-eyed-insurance-salesman here though...

The actual "twist" of this show is that there's 20-something nymphs and 40-something nymphs looking for a slice of the action, and trying to answer the question "Does Age Matter". I think the real question should be, "Is this what sporting stars are relegated to when they can no longer play their sport?"

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