Virgin screws Flickr

Hmm, very interesting situation mentioned in SMH tech section whereby Virgin Mobile took all these peoples photos from Flickr and used them in billboard ads without even telling them.
Kinda freaks me out.
The reason they could do it was the licence that the photos are posted under, which allows them to be shared (the point of Flickr), also allowed them to use the pictures without breaking Copyright, as long as they credited the photgrapher, which they "did" by referencing the Flickr address at the bottom of the poster.
This is the photo in question
Taken from SMH article site.

Where the girl on the Right was cropped and had the caption "Dump your Pen friend" as the ad. This girl was only 16 however and Virgin is being sued.

See this discussion which contains a reponse from Virgin, I'm not sure if you're able to view it if you're not a Flickr member, I can't tell....
If you can't access, leave a comment and I'll try copy and paste the discussion. Some pissed off people. Virgin trying to palm it off as "creative". =Read= we were able to use your photos for free, isn't that innovative of us!?

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Re said...
September 24, 2007 7:55 PM


Holy shit!
I hope she sues and wins the pants off Richard Branson... idiot marketing people.

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