Hmmm.....Casey who???

A further blow dealt to Casey Donovan's failed career after being the winner of the 2004 season of Australian Idol (supposedly due to gaining the "fat vote").

In an article about The Deadlys, an annual celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander achievement in music, sport, entertainment and community, this years winner was Jessica Mauboy, 2006's Oz Idol runner-up.

Cathy Freeman is mentioned, Anthony Mundine,

Young leader of the year was Cape York's Tania Major, the Kokoberra woman who is also the 2007 Young Australian of the Year for her work raising political awareness of indigenous education and health issues.

Among the more familiar faces, South Sydney's retiring fullback David Peachey was honoured, as were Mundine (Sportsperson of the Year), the WBA super middleweight champion the crooners Jimmy Little and Kev Carmody, the actors Aaron Pederson and Deborah Mailman, and Freeman, for her work as a TV presenter in the SBS series Going Bush.

Its almost as if they're trying to avoid mentioning Casey Donovan (far right). I mean, it wouldn't be out of context for them to mention her at least in passing! Donovan won the same award Mauboy has won this year, back in 2004 after her Idol win. They're both Australian Idol graduates, both of aboriginal heritage, surely this warrants a small comparison? Apparently they seem as intent on keeping Donovan out of the media and out of work as Sony BMG . Not that I care overly, I don't like her music, but certainly intriguing.

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