Bone Machine - Martyn Waites ***/*

The body is discovered in a disused burial ground.
A young woman, ritualistically mutilated, her eyes and mouth crudely sewn shut. Her boyfriend is arrested and charged with the murder.

He might have a vicious temper and a history of violence against women, but is Michael Nell really a killer? Michael's lawyer doesn't think so. She's hired Joe Donovan to prove his alibi.

Donovan's investigations lead him into the murky world of people trafficking and illegal prostitution. But when a second body shows up, he realises it's not just local gangsters he's up against-but a deranged serial killer. A killer obsessed with the city's dark history. A killer who leaves clues pointing to his twisted plan. And if Donovan and his team can't decipher those messages in time, a killer who will kill again...

Hmmm, another blurb that seems to merely nod at the actual story rather than follow it. Not quite the way it all pans out, a good read, but not if you're squeamish. Even myself, an avid reader of psychological crime thrillers found parts of this just too much. Still a good read overall, but I won't rush out for more by Waites at this stage.

3.5 / 5

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