ooh hopping mad!!!!!

What are the point, I ask you, of School Zones if no one bloody well slows down anyway?
Including, the POLICE.
I drive through three school zones on my way to work now, and this morning followed a police car through all three. The first was fairly good traffic, all obeying the rules and the police car was nestled in amongst us all. The second and third were absolutely ridiculous. The police car paid no heed whatsoever to the school zones and these are those ones with the flashing lights on the signs at appropriate times. The police car zomed through the school zone, sitting directly behind a car who also didn't bother slowing down.
What is the blooming point of being a law abiding citizen when the enforcers A) don't bother themselves {which is no surprise to anyway really} and B) don'y bother pulling up anyone else for the offence.

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