Lazy DVD day

Another Sunday passed with one member of our household hung over, and as such we ended up sitting around watching DVDs again. It was raining and horrible weather though, so it wasn't like we were really wasting that much of a day (right?).

First up with Jerome and Todd we watched SAW III.
For those uninitiated into the Saw movies, essentially they're horror movies about a serial killer that finds unique ways to torture his victims by making them suffer horribly for their misspent lives, while seemingly giving them a chance to live.
This one was particularly gory, and I don't know if it was quite as satisfying as the last two. Mark and I aren't into horror movies, (as anyone who knows me, I shrieked uncontrollably during Nightmare on Elm St whilst everyone was laughing at the corniness) but the Saw movies have such fantastic twists, they somehow seem worth it, even if some people think they're nothing but an excuse for gore.
As a group we declared there should be a ban on the following in slasher flicks
-flickering lights
-industrial settings
-mirrors and any other reflective surface.
-there may have been more too

Then after the boys left we decided to watch United 93 (or flight 93-turned out we had two DVDs with different names but they were the same film).
This wasn't quite the picker-upper we were looking for, I stupidly forgot it was likely to be very sad, rather than the interesting/fascinating movie I expected. United 93 is a docudrama focused on the fourth hijacked flight from September 11 that never made it to it's target. Worth a look.

So from being scared out of our minds, to crying, we moved onto a third movie Blood Diamond that was so interesting and thought provoking, I thought it was quite good. Centred around the Conflict Diamond trade in Africa, the movie is set in Sierra Leone in 1999. Leonardo Di Caprio I thought gave a convincing performance and maintained a fairly credible Zimbabwean accent for the duration. Jennifer Connelley was good, I forgot she was Sarah ( Labyrinth) which I always have difficulty with.

All in all an interesting day of DVDs.

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Reanan said...
March 27, 2007 6:52 PM

God, what a disgusting thing to do. Lie around all day hung over?
*Scoffs* and then watching movies.


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