So incredibly busy at work atm. Need to decompress~!!!!
We're operating a two man show atm, half capacity, and our system's gone down, our massive shipment arrived (so everyone wanted their stock), just a madhouse I swear.

In other news, I have photos to upload soon, but can't make the cd work so not quite yet, and life is good. Had a good easter, don't think I ate too too much, just some too much. I've walked each work day this week and I was able to load some songs onto my new-ish shuffle so I am more entertained along the way, and I'm trying to get the gym a few days a week still too. I hope it all lasts and doesn't get too boring too soon.....

Salut everyone : )

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billylou said...
April 13, 2007 10:29 AM


Just dropping in to say hi.

And know the feeling with work and exercise. I've hurt my knee so can't even walk atm, which really sucks. Spend all my time watching The Biggest Loser. The irony.

(p.s. I still hate Chris lol)

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