The Caller _ Alex Barclay

Unlock the Door to a twisted mind....

My Prison is a tool, a training ground, a stopover. I look at the bars behind me, the space around me, the confinement. I think of where you are and how tragic for you it is that here I am, there you are, but oh so quickly, there I am. Right with you.

Entrance. Exit.

A killer is locked in a dark fantasy world that has come crushing into reality with devastating results...and a rising body count. He targets his victims in their own homes, subjecting them to a terrifying ordeal before leaving their lifeless bodies in their hallway for a loved one to find.

Back on the job after a year out, NYPD Detective Joe Lucchesi becomes the reluctant lead in the high-profile investigation. Battling with physical pain and overwhelmed by friction in the taskforce and at home, he struggles to make progress.

But just when he feels close to making a breakthroughm the investigation is rocked by tragedy and another victim's life is hanging in the balance.

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