Oh God-I know Bai Ling (sort of)

While some may see it as laziness, I see it as being completely in tune. And also, I don't have the time to devote to research and meaningless surfing for potentially interesting posts.
So ner.

The Fug Girls have found an awesome addendum to my earlier comments about Bai Ling in Cannes. Hilarious. And Riona, I have IMDBed for your convenience- See here for Bai Ling
OMG. Stop the Press.
I have just discovered in my {meagre} research that Bai Ling is actually an actress I know. In the way that you "know" anyone in any of your favorite movies.
Bai Ling is actually the cool Asian girl in The Crow! Sister to the baddie."....I Like the pretty lights....."
Oh God, I'll never look at her the same again now.....

Also from Fug
"And also, can we discuss how scarring it must have been for Mary-Kate Olsen to see her not-technically-identical-but-who-are-we-kidding-they-look-almost-exactly-alike twin sister ranking at No. 37, while she herself was left off entirely?"
Hahahahaha hilarious and well spotted. Fug Shame.

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Reanan said...
May 29, 2007 9:33 PM


Well well well, it appears Lost has shit the bed to the point of scraping the bottom of the acting barrell. Yes it's true, Bai Ling is in Lost. Well according to Wikipedia.org (and I take that as gospel!)

Check it out: side worth note to GFY

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