The Hard Way - Lee Child ****


Late at night, a New York Cafe. Jack Reacher orders coffee in a cup made of foam, not china. So he can move on a moment's notice.
He owns nothing, carried less. He has never met a woman who said no. Or a case he couldn't solve.

But now Reacher faces a new case so disturbing that the truth eludes him. Has he painted targets on the good guys backs?

So Reacher starts over at square one. Sweats the details and works the clues. Doing it the hard way, as they used to say back in the service. Until what started on a busy New york street explodes three three thousand miles away, in the sleepy English countryside. With Reacher striding alone in the shadows. Armed and dangerous. Invincible.

Moves at a cracking pace, a friend put me onto Child a few years ago and i haven't yet been disappointed with him.

4 / 5

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