When Larry did Paris

After reading this hilarious blow by blow of the Larry King - Paris Hilton interview, it beggers the question, is that really what it was like? I didn't watch it, or the horrid "highlights reel" they showed on A Current Affair or Today Tonight, {who keeps track of which stories which does, the only lasting memories are the switches between modulated and outraged tones of the presenters}.
Can anyone tell me? Was it really like watching paint dry? Is Larry King the worst interviewer in the world?
The next question I am prompted to ask myself, is why did I read it? Purely for the humour value I knew would be in the piece, or am I simply another Paris info junkie even though I tell myself I couldn't give a flying fug about her....
I guess I'll never know.

I must admit though, I can't stand Paris Hilton, and avoided the whole fiasco if I could (other than thinking the ridiculous American judicial system was shown for all its farcical glory the day they released her early) I did clap with glee when they put her back in and she seemed to be crying.
But another "major" event I also avoided, though not as studiously, and that was all the Diana events. *shrug* I just didn't really care. The thing on Sunday, the concert they showed on Monday, I was just mildly annoyed they yanked CSI off to show it (both nights!).
I did end up watching Brothers and Sisters for the first time on Monday night though, and found it quite an okay little show. Wouldn't not watch CSI for it, but worth a look.

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