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Last night Eca rang and left me a devastating voicemail.
"ummm, Nicole just told me Robert Jordan died..."
Holy Cow! Now we'll never know how it ends!
Robert Jordan wrote a series of books called The Wheel of Time, and was part way through the 12th when he died.
However! There is hope. Fan sites indicate that he knew he may die mid way and has instructed his friends and family in the general story line so that the book may be complete.
What though, if he realizes twenty pages into the 800 page tome that this may be the last book? Suddenly its all, ".......and Rand realises he is actually a dragon born into a man's body, and that's why he was always so weird?"
It's possible he realises all too late it will never quite end properly as he has to rush the conclusion. Is that better than not finishing the book?
I depend it all sort of lands on how the book is written, if it's written in the linear fashion that the book is published in, then it can be finished by another without going completely pear shaped. But one of Jordan's styles is that there are effectively twelve different story lines going all at once. What if he's written four or five completely, and someone needs to step in to write the other six or seven? That would end up a pretty spaz book, if you ask me.
Perhaps our resident writer can weigh into this debate......

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