Crap food

You know what I think is worse than crap tasting diet food? A misguided expectation it will taste good. I think there is a huge hole in the market for "healthy" snack food that doesn't taste shit.
Take the "Fruit 'n Crunch" bar above.
This is the second such bar I've tried now, that has tasted like poison.
OK, maybe not poison and the death that follows sharply after, but it was CRAP diet food.
Now I know there's a lot of you out there that are saying "yes but diet food isn't meant to taste nice" or "diet food always tastes like shit, what did you expect?"

I have almost reached a point where if it's edible, it can't possibly be something I should eat. The problem then is that I am wracked with guilt every time I eat. Hiding furtively in the corner, tearing the corner off a barbeque chicken, and diving headfirst into the bag, emerging with glorious fat dripping down my neck.

Don't get me wrong, I actually quite enjoy steamed vegies, unlike a lot of people. Chicken rissoles, steamed broccoli, zucchini, squash, carrots. Yum. Snack food is a minefield though.
That Uncle Toby's muesli bar you used to eat at recess every day? Packed with excess sugar and salt.
Space food Stick? Too much Sugar, too much fat.
Even my crap-tacular K-Time bar above isn't the healthiest thing on the shelf.
But the alternative is the Weight Watchers Snack bars, which, without a joke, taste like compounded cardboard with red stuff smeared in between masquerading as some sort of fruit product.
You can't eat the things without 2 litres of water at the ready, because your mouth simply can't produce enough saliva to masticate them properly.

One thing I will say in WW's defence, for the range of food they produce, they get a lot of it right. Their little fruit cups are great, I love them, but you can only eat one a day really (unless you want to eat more than the recommended fruit intake for the day and spend the rest of the day on the toilet). They also do great shredded tasty cheese, baked beans that taste exactly the same as SPC or Heinz (1/2 point). And their single serve tomato soup cans are fab. Their ice-cream is good but not GREAT, but their single serve dessert puddings are AMAZING! Yummo!

Help me people! Does anyone know any good stuff? What is your experience with Pre-packaged "diet" food?

(btw- I picked Blue text colour because apparently the colour blue is an appetite suppressant (WW packaging) as opposed to RED which is apparently an appetite stimulant (think Maccas, Burger King, KFC).
I wonder where Green falls into with Subway.....

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Re said...
November 29, 2007 1:45 PM

Unfortunatly I think it goes without saying that if you want to have healthy food, avoiding prepacked foods altogether is the way to go.

I totally agree, WW food is normally pretty good. I PREFUR the baked beans to others and fruit is great, and yes those bars things are NASTY and cardboardy.

But unlike these people who go and dig up seeds and grains from the forest and don't wash thier hair etc, we live in the world where convienence rules and we don't have the time for that horse shit.

If I'm feeling fat & guilty I'll analyse the kilojoules.
Unfortunatly in the land of snack foods, low KJ's means artifical sweetner AKA phenalenalinealaine (whatever) which gives you cancer... definatly not healthy.

Something I have noticed though with your 'natuaral' type snacks, they are usually nut/oat/grain based and chocked with honey etc... definatly not the friend of an office worker with 3.30itis!


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