Its a lovely day today

Had one of those bizarre, do I know you.... moments this morning at the Post Office of all places. I locked eyes with this guy, pleasant surfer looking fellow, and thought where do I know you from....hmmm before moving into the line. I kind of got the vibe he was thinking the same thing....I couldn't stop wondering, and am still wondering where I've seen him.
I didn't ask him where I knew him from as I'm fairly certain he works somewhere I frequent, and we don't "know" each other for me to feel confident in asking where I knew him from.

Aha! As I type, I have figured it out. And I'm REALLY glad I didn't ask him where I knew him from now, as I was right, and I DON'T Know him at all, he's the bartender at the pub near work, where I have lunch once a fortnight.

*sigh* so glad I figured that out.


Been CRAZY busy at work this week. My boss has popped off for a quick holiday before I take me leave for Europe, and its just exploded here. And its all the regular stuff, not even "I want to get X, Y, & Z done before I leave" its just the normal everyday work. Eeesh.
Not that there aren't things I need to do before we go, there are, but if I don't get to them, it will only be me thats disappointed, no one else cares.

This morning, in addition to my work, I had to
- Go to the Post Office (for work)
- Ring our airline and lodge my frequent flier membership. Spoke to someone who acted like I was mad, when the website says to notify them!
- Get M to ring and lodge his membership, mad conversation redux.
- Organise to get a postal vote ballot sent to me, and M, for the Local Gorvernment Elections that will be on whilst we are away. And annoying, you can't vote overseas for Local Govt. Grr
- Ring and organise for two Australian Will Kits to be sent to me, hopefully in time for us to fill them in before we fly out.
----As property holders and married people, I thought it prudent to organise our wills before we leave, just in case anything should go amiss (touch wood it doesn't of course. I can't see you doing it,  I SAID TOUCH WOOD! Do you want something to befall us?)

So sorry if I've been a bit quiet : )

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M said...
August 20, 2008 4:24 PM

so checking out the local talent at the post office and the pub are you...
about time you did some work anyway!

PrincesseEmma said...
August 20, 2008 11:34 PM

Hi Data - what do you think of this

Reanan said...
August 21, 2008 8:45 AM

Will kit, that's intense!
But I suppose responsible and grownup thing to do.

Dataceptionist said...
August 21, 2008 8:47 AM

@ M~
Bah of course not darling. :P

@ PrincesseEmma~
Hmm I hate stuff like that. And there's heaps of it that happens on Wedding forums. Who's "I'm bucking tradition more than you are" story is best. Frustrating. I couldn't help myself in the end though and had to comment

Dataceptionist said...
August 21, 2008 8:48 AM

@ Reanan~
Yes, but neccessary. Indeed, its so "grownup".

K said...
August 22, 2008 10:45 AM

I'm in the middle of studying succession and am now frightened of making my will because I'm worried that I'll miss something! When I finally get around to drafting it, it'll be the most complex will ever!

Did you buy a will kit? Cause you can download most of the info off the net for free.

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