That asshole in your rearview mirror might just be me

I'm quite an aggressive driver. I know this, but don't try to tell me, its embarrassing enough knowing it myself without others pointing it out.

ts not that I'm road raging all the time, but I have a tendency to be impatient, especially when I'm running late, which is often. I have been known to beep my horn on occasion, but I draw the line at screaming at someone out my window. That kind of shit gets you arrested.
I have been known to be the person zooming down the lane that is about to run out, but only if I'm really pressed for time so I don't feel guilty about doing it. When I'm not late, I make the effort to sit in the other lanes (I always sit in the lane that won't have people merge into it at all), trying not to fume, and I tell myself "they might have a sick relative they're rushing to get to".

always wonder if other people on the road are aware of "the rest of us".
An example from this morning. The majority of my journey is on a four lane road (2 each way). There are technically kerbside lanes also but they're full of parked cars, so useless for driving on.
Today there were two cars driving almost parallel with each other, leaving no room to pass either of them, frustrating the hell out of literally every car behind them!
And I'm positive they didn't know each other, different ages, different nationalities, I think they were honestly oblivious to the rest of the traffic trying to co-exist with them.
It drives me nuts!

kind of hate it too, as I recognise I'm doing it. Almost every morning for the last three weeks I have thought about this post, starting it in my head. Think about that.
Almost every morning for the last three weeks, at some point in my journey to work, I have thought, "I am an aggressive driver". That's so depressing. All that wasted energy.

or a while I drove the back way to and from work, not because it was quicker, it isn't. But because its pretty, the view is nicer, and everyone is just ambling along. Its all one lane, so no passing, but that helps me chill out a bit more. And if I'm not hooning around, and someone is sitting on my tail, I think to myself, "this isn't the faster way, if you wanted to hoon you should have gone the main road" so I don't feel guilty about sitting on 55 km/h (still technically speeding in a 50 zone anyway!)

y most shameful driving incident to date, was a few weeks ago. I had just left work, didn't have a good day, so already on the wrong foot.
I've done a diagram to explain it better. I'm in the Pink car (of course)
So I was approaching the traffic lights, and just as they went green, the car in front of me (blue) stopped to allow a car from the side street (purple)to ease into the traffic. I was immediately pissed off as in my experience, whenever that happens, both the cars in front of me will make it through the lights, but I won't*.
And that's exactly what happened, I only just missed the green light.

o what did I do?
What every rational person does of course, I leaned on my horn, repeatedly, to express my frustration as the car drove through the lights and off into the sunset. I was that frustrated I could have cried (and nearly did). I may have kind of screamed at myself. (With all the windows up)
It was absolutely ridiculous!

felt like an utter twit after I'd calmed down, the light changed again and I drove away, the rest of the journey incident free. To exacerbate matters, M was away on business for the night so where I would normally come home, have a vent and a hug, and felt ten times better, there was just our empty house and my ridiculous temper tantrum to keep me company.

*(not without running a RED light, which for all my law breaking, I don't do, even when very annoyed)

3 kindred spirits ~ This bugs them too!:

K said...
August 07, 2008 5:19 PM

Side note - I'm impressed with your map creating talents.

I'm a pretty impatient driver too but I try not to be as Im also one of the worst offending culprits!

Reanan said...
August 07, 2008 9:14 PM

I think it's genetic, the impatience I mean.

I (although cannot relate directly to this antic) know what you mean about be SO FRUSTRATED that you feel like it's a waste of energy.
At these times it is IMPOSSIBLE to remain ration and need to commit serious mayhem.


Dataceptionist said...
August 07, 2008 10:17 PM

@ K~
Hahahaha thanks, good ole Paint. Took a while LOL

@ Reanan~
Mayhem LOL
Turn into the Incredible hulk

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