Cold Target - Patricia Potter ***

In the dead of night, Holly Matthews- the wife of a New Orleans senator- takes her son and flees for her life...

At her mother's deathbed, lawyer Meredith Rawson learns that she has a sister- and promises to find her...

As Holly and her son try to start over in Bisbee, Arizona, Meredith begins a desperate search for information on her long lost sister. Almost instantly, her life is threatened and her house ransacked. She finds help - and passion- from an unexpected source. Detective Gage Gaynor is investigating a closed murder case that dead-ends at Meredith's powerful family. As sparks fly between them, they begin to rebuild the past, linking Meredith and Holly in a conspiracy of lies that could shatter their lives- and the dreams they never had a chance to dream....

While the last two lines of the blurb smack of "WTF, where did they pull that from?" this wasn't a bad read. I was very concerned when the recommendation said "Pat Potter writes Romantic Adventure like nobody else" on the back cover, but I actually now think she got a bit of a bad rap. I mean, there's nothing wrong with a little sideline romance thrown into a good thriller or crime fiction, it helps you feel for the character if they're in danger, but to have your romance story, with danger thrown in, that's bad. That's not what this was though, even though the comment tried to make me believe so. The love stories do get a little too saccharine though, so not be read with a weak stomach.
All in all, worth the read, not bad for something someone gave me.

3 /5

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