Fab? Right???

Well I've done it now.

And I kind of liked it.
It was a bit weird at the beginning, I was afraid of trying something new, but the end result has been pleasantly surprising.

That's right, today, I'm wearing my skinny jeans,
I know I am only a hairline away from Emo-Fug (I said a HAIRLINE bitches)..
I KNOW I bought them
ONLY for wearing with my boots.
I know I have a horrid problem with them sliding down my backside Resulting in constant tugging, which I can tell you from seeing other girls, is NOT an attractive, sexy look.

I seem to have fixed the ass-crack problem, with (I know this sounds ridiculously simple) a
Now, I didn't wake up this morning and suddenly feel a compulsion to wear skinny jeans, it was entirely organic I can assure you (without the ridiculous price-tag).
See it was raining this morning and because M took the car I had to catch the bus so I thought oh well I will wear my boots and so I was trying to think of what to wear with my boots and my brain skipped to the skinny jeans so I put them on and was expecting them to be ass-crack central and make me feel really fat as usually I put them on and then I feel really fat and my belly hangs over the top ( i know, that is SUCH an ATTRACTIVE image for you all) but this morning I put them on and then I put the belt on and that seemed to fix the ass crack problem and I was walking around looking for a top (as you do) and I looked in the mirror and thought, maybe I'll just leave them like this, they don't look as bad as previously though (its slippery slope I'm on........*thinking* do tight black shorts that finish just under the knee class as fuggin's............*hmmm*)

And then as I was walking to the bus stop I passed a plate glass window and after thinking they looked just fine with my thongs on........I was gratified to see they DID look just fine!

Out of all the pictures in Googe Image I could have picked for this, I chose this one, even though she's wearing heels and I'm not, because of how uncomfortable the model appears. Like its a Kmart ad, and the model is 15 and just starting out. (I don't want to think about what that infers about the target market for skinny jeans)
{AND I am under no delusions that this is what I look like in MY skinny jeans. }

Since Monday's breakdown, I'm actually feeling a lot better, we've been to the gym a few times, I'm trying to eat better (I've mentally said no to chips three times!) And I feel like it's already working for me! I feel almost normal sized in my skinny jeans (yeah I know, contradiction of terms). So maybe when we're jumping into bikini's for a possible trip to the beach Sunday, I can do it with a modicum of pride. (or less shame).

3 kindred spirits ~ This bugs them too!:

Re said...
October 26, 2007 1:40 PM

LOL well I am a lover of board shortery :D

they are not my enemy!

Dataceptionist said...
October 26, 2007 4:01 PM

hahaha, boarshorts unite!

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