You may have noticed a slight drop in regular posts.
See, the blogosphere is actually quite extensive, when you start reading blogs you can get so caught up in them, there are some that you read that stay with you, and some that make you want to go back and read all the archives (BlankTop Chronicles, Cabblog).

I've been reading blogs lately, not just browsing, but really reading a lot of other blogs. This has unearthed a deep-seated fear in me.
This is my fear-
I'm not very interesting.
I've discovered so many funny, witty, compelling blogs that I feel mine is inferior, and I have lost inspiration for posts. What do I write, that I can am comfortable jettisoning into the blogosphere, that I feel might make a difference?
I'm not sure.
I no longer work with freaks, the people I work with now are quite nice, normal people. People you can have a drink with, without wanting to lace your own beverage with cyanide. So I can't write about them.
My job is actually kind of mind-numbingly-boring presently actually.

I haven't given up, but I've lost a little bit of focus. Hmm.....*musing*

1 kindred spirits ~ This bugs them too!:

lou said...
October 21, 2007 3:43 PM

I do enjoy reading your blog - would be sad to see it go. I think the wedding theme worked well, so maybe all you need to do is get preggers already and then you can have a pregnancy blog!

'Dataceptionist's amusing take on the bizarre and grotesque things that happen to a woman's body during pregnancy'. Yay!

Or you could write experimental poetry if you want to be a wanker like me. Yay!

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