So many windows!

About this time every week I start to get a strange anxiety.

Every Friday afternoon we shut down our computers, but at night we only turn the monitors off and lock them, so everything I was working on/looking at/reading is still there the next day.
But by Thursday, I've got almost a weeks worth of windows open with stuff I'm interested in, and not ready to let go of yet.

I use
Firefox as my browser and the format it uses, IE totally ripped off for its latest version. I only have one window open in my task bar, but I can look at up to twenty tabs at a time. Each tab can be a different web address. (Thanks to Zogg for putting me onto Firefox!)

I currently have ten open, one is constantly
Gmail, usually I have at least 1 SMH and most days I keep my blog open all day too. The rest are random stuff, sometimes I find sites and I want to blog about stuff on the page so I keep it open until I write the post. Other times its stuff I'm waiting to hear an answer on for some reason. Some are things I know I want to read, I clicked it, I'm sure I'm interested enough to read it, but I can't find the motiviation to go back to the article....

So about this time every week I start to get a strange anxiety, because I know that all the tabs I currently have open need to be dealt with and read and blogged, all before 5 pm on Friday.

I get tense, thinking I won't get through it all.

And this isn't even my job, this is just all the other stuff I do during the day LOL

Surely I'm not alone here...

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