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After Monday's depressing arrival of the dress that became the herald of doom, I got two more dresses that I had ordered.

While I hadn't really lost faith in Ebay as a whole, I'm feeling less rotund. This feeling is assisted by having been to the gym every day this week (I know its only Wednesday, shaddup)
Baby steps people. Baby steps.

**Edit** Btw as you can probably tell, unfortunately the dress code for the wedding we're attending isn't "beach boho chic" or I could wear one of these. The search continues, T-minus-3 days**

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Re said...
October 24, 2007 3:28 PM

Oh I heart Ebay. I have had a REALLY good run of late.

I bought the BEST shoes, oh *drool* they are Tony Bianco moss green suade with magenta, rust & green ribboing over the toe... oh so good.

I bought a cute vintage LBD which fits really well - smells like all vintage clothes but nothing a good fabric softener wont cure.

And a devine Ladkah white, pink & blue floaty top which is a smidge to small but BY DAMN IM WEARING IT!

Dataceptionist said...
October 24, 2007 3:39 PM

I actually got a smidge addicted while I truly was the Dataceptionist, so I had to stop looking, for fear of buying for the sake of it.
Now I'm slightly more controlled, looking only for true bargains and things I really need. the thing is that there's so much out there, you get caught up in it all.

I found this awesome seller for Shoes, and I totally should have bought some, he's one of my favourite sellers, and now he's not selling this style that I loved (which came in about 12 colours so it never occurred to me he might at some point stop stocking them-duh)

Oooh that top sounds really pretty, must wear while I am in vicinity!!

Re said...
October 24, 2007 3:50 PM

Its so easy to get caught up in it all...

One of my problems is I sometimes forget to include postage in my limit.

When some people gamble they set themselves a limit, say 'I will only put in 20 bucks through the pokies'
Buggar that, Ebay is my pokies!
If I can't get it for my goal price I ain't having it.

Yes I heart ebay :D

Dataceptionist said...
October 25, 2007 9:06 AM

I've missed out stuff because it pushed over my limit, but I regret not buying it now.

When I first started going on Ebay, I was looking at dresses, I was trying to buy one to wear to the work Christmas party, but I wouldn't spend much. I think I wanted to pay about $30 inc postage.

I ended up finding one for that price, which didn't arrive in time for the party, and I've not yet worn it. Mostly because I look like Pammy in it.

Andyway I digress, in my search I saw a dress which I quite liked but it was already at $35 or so, so I kept going. It ended up going for about $70-75, but it would have cost a lot more in the shops.
And I've never forgotten it.
I wish I had bought it.
I keep the seller in my favourites so I can check back occassionally to see if they have another....

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