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Have you ever noticed the way people arrive at a bus stop, and they check the timetable in this really ultra casual, not really checking, kind of way? As if to say, oh yeah, I catch buses all the time and stuff, I'm just you know, re-confirming really that the bus will be coming when I expect it.
Its like everyone is trying to impress all the other bus patrons already waiting that they're worthy of catching the bus.
Or maybe that they're secretly being filmed, and that they're pretending they're not really catching a bus at all, and they'll jump on at the last minute.

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Reanan said...
March 03, 2008 1:04 PM

HAHA you're right!!

I find that even with a printed (or online) timetable I have to check and recheck it... I have cocked it up so many times it not funny and then when arriving at the station or stop I STILL check the time LOL

What is that about?

Dataceptionist said...
March 03, 2008 1:45 PM

You don't trust yourself?

But still, have you noticed that the ultra casual checking is peculiar to buses? People have no qualms about checking the train timetable when they get to the station???

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